Bespoke Bag Printing

Hand printed bags

Cotton bags are a great way to share your artwork or illustrations, as a branded giveaway at a trade show or to sell as band merch at your gigs.

We offer a bag printing service using eco-friendly inks and in batches of 30 to 1000+ on a range of cotton, organic cotton and recycled bags.

You can find some information on our most popular cotton bags below, or if you want to have something printed that is not listed, for example more colours, a higher quantity or a different style of bag, send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

It is possible to supply your own fabrics for us to print on if you live in the Berlin area and / or you can call to our workshop in person. We offer a colour matching service using the Pantone Colour Matching System (PMS) on light coloured textiles.

View some of our recent print jobs here.

Turnaround is approximately 3 weeks, but if you need something quicker just let us know and we will see what we can do.

Get some more information or request a quote

If you would like some more information about what we do, would like to talk to us about a specific project or would like a quote just click below to give us some details. Alternatively send us an email to printing[at]

Westford Mill Tote Bag

100% cotton

50 colours

Earthpositive Tote Bag

100% organic cotton

5 colours

Salvage Tote Bag

Recycled organic cotton & polyester

8 colours

Westford Mill Gymsac

100% cotton

30 colours

Salvage Sling Bag

Recycled organic cotton & polyester

4 colours